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HOME - PRODUCTS - 全车系燃油压力表 新款多功能燃油压力表[双表] 台湾进口


产地:台湾              接头材质:纯铜




• 3-1/2 "gauge with 0-145 PSI and 0-1000 kPa double reading. 
Another low pressure 2-1/2 "gauge for accurate readings of less than 15 pounds. 
• All adapters, gauges and hose assemblies feature a quick connection system for fast 
And efficient detection connection. 
• The unique design of the pressure relief valve to release pressure and allow 
Check whether there is sufficient fuel flow. 
• No wrench or pipe dope. 
• Specially designed compact, neat plastic blow molding box makes storage easy. 
• Complete with instructions.
•3-1/2“压力表用0-145 PSI及0-1000千帕双重读数。